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Sexual Wellness

Our sexuality is a significant part of who we are, affecting the way we think and feel about ourselves and our bodies, and often extending to our relationship with others. Sex and sexuality can be difficult to talk about. It can feel uncomfortable, frustrating and embarrassing especially if we don’t know how or where to begin.

Because the topic of sex and sexuality continues to be taboo, feelings of nervousness, awkwardness and discomfort are common. Our work together will help provide hope, choices and understanding so that you can fully appreciate your sexuality and your sexual potential whether you are single or are in a relationship

Services under sexual wellbeing:

  • Factors which may influence your feelings about your body and your sexuality
  • Male and female sexual problems after surgery, a health crisis, ongoing health challenges or limited mobility
  • Issues in relation to arousal, low libido, or pain during intercourse
  • Maintaining intimacy during your relationship